GENOCRUSH FEROX (Swe): “Glory Glory Strangulation” Cdr 2000 s/p


GENOCRUSH FEROX is not the first of the Swedish bands that
I know that vehemently oppose towards the recent trend of melodic
Death which plagues their country, and it’s also one of the best
for sure. Fast and with good, larynx-flaying vocals, GENOCRUSH
FEROX (what a fantastic name eheh) remind me of latest CANNIBAL
(closest comparison I can give) althoughg with several pouands
of savagery, force, and extremity. The grinding parts are overabundant,
the sound production crisp without being too inpersonal, the songs
very long on the average(at least 4 min. each), considering several
personal arrangements, I wouldn’t define this band too “American”-stylish,
there is no slam, no guttural gargles a la DYING FETUS, just ultra
fast Dath Metal, although the complex riff composition also put
them a bit aside of grind core… just like BLOODSHED and SCURVY,
this is the kind of Death Metal which turns me on (so much this
idea of signing ’em for a 7″ EP someday is still boiling
in mind…). Good stage meat, including some vaguely funny arrangements
(the song “Exit Life” starts 1000Mph and follows with
a Ska riff), must be killer to see ’em live.

Vote: 8

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