GODGORY (Swe): “Resurrection” 1998 Nuclear Blast


Slow, moody music, which has some glimpse of death metal vocals amidst keyboards that remind me of some soundtrack from the 80’s like Rocky and Flashdance. The guy likes to whisper, which I suppose is his way to imitate some real talented band like TYPE O NEGATIVE, sadly they have not a single ounce of class. From track 2 on, thankfully in a way, they shift into a clich‚ of Speed Death Metal with an interesting old school feel. Might be their style, but they are able to mix fairly good tracks like “Crimson Snow” with absolutely uninteresting depressive arrangements like their 3rd track “Adultery”. In my vocabulary slow and sad doesn’t mean automatically shit. But seems like very few bands have the real magic touch for this stuff. And GODGORY is not one of them. Everytime they get almost interesting, they cut it with some idiot use of keyboards… I think I should write two different reviews from this album as it seems like a two bands split with alternating tracks of one and the other… hm. Nah, they don’t catch my attention at all. Get SKEPTICISM is you want depressive shit.

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