GODLESS TRUTH (Cze): “selfRealization” Cd 2001 Shindy


GODLESS TRUTH (if you didn’t know the band, maybe you know the man behind the vocals for his pro-fanzine Katopetia) have finally moved on from Deadsun and signed for the well known Shindy prod. Even at a first look, the packaging itself appears darn professional, the logo and title on the booklet printed on semi-transparent film to leave this awesome cover intact (artwork by the also well known Zig, who also worked for DEEDS OF FLESH, VASTION, DISGORGE etc), I only remember to have seen a thing like this on the first MEATHOOK SEED album, but well, talking of more interesting things, the music is definitely professional to the excess, the sound production and musicwork really top notch. One thing that has to be said about this Cd is that it will particularily please all those who live for the most classical, straight American Brutal Death bands a la DYING FETUS / FLESHGRIND, in fact the sound is definitely 100% American, dammit! Could well be recorded in some fucking NY suburb… Technical to the bone with dozens of drum tempo changes, pristine production, and a good, full bodied voice that shift from low to lower, GODLESS TRUTH is probably the most unadulteratedly Brutish of European bands. One very characteristic thing is probably the super-metallic sound of the drumkit, kinda ENTORTUREMENT if you know the band yet even more extreme… even more than old, fucking PUNGENT STENCH, it sounds as the drummer is using a metal pipe insetead of drumsticks ah ah… cutting shorts with comments, GODLESS TRUTH are of my liking indeed, these guys really know how to play good Death, with some good melodic solos whch add variety to a stringly boned chopping sound, full of mid-tempos and unrelenting grunts… I do not have any of their previous Cds but what I heard was a bit less interesting that this one disc, Zdenek (the singer, again) having improved his mastery on shifting vocal styles all through without sounding too out of the whole muzak. For those who like modern sounding Death with great production and lot of moshing parts this is an excellent choice. Good stuff.

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