GODS OF EMPTINESS (Ger): “Disobedience” Cd 1998 Perverted Taste


“Disobedience” is not GOD’s first effort, as the band
did already release a MiniCD in ’96 titled “Blind Obedience
Madness”. I never got to listen their earlier and according
to their letter, different material, so I will not compare this
work to anything previous. What is clear is that the band is playing
a sort of diseased Gore-metallic Grind with alternate guttural
and high pitched vocals characterized by an anomalous precision
and skill. The sound of the instruments are fucking is fucking
bass-saturated and distorted, kinda remind me of some CBT and
SANITY’S DAWN, if we want to keep it in german ground, and vocals
sometimes shifts down to below guttural as say, SUBLIME CADAVERIC
DECOMPOSITIONstyled copro-noises. The music is not entirely and
continuously grinding but oftenitmes is temperated by a punk/core
backbonewhich makes the riffs smoother and more flowing between
a blast and another, like NYCTOPHOBIC, as said before. Songs are
short, to the point, and intuitively speaking by the name of the
songs seem to have a socio-cynical inclination (although humorous
and clever in its directness). All
in all the music is good gore/death metal with a good grindcore
obliquous cut. Good, much good.

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