GORE BEYOND NECROPSY (Jap): “Excrete Your Own Shit!” split 7″ Ep with DISGORGE (Aus) 1996 Dry Retch


That GORE BEYOND NECROPSY is among the ultimate goregrind bands in the east is irrefutable. This 7″ however is quite different from the other releases in

some aspects, while keeping a classy noise/gore/grind approach, it has a cynically conscious lyric approach I always ignored, indulging for 11 songs into how

we’re all controlled by media and such things I have personally seen one million of times ever since NAPALM DEATH debut and other pre-grind bands such as

LARM or GO before that. But then, it’s always good to read something different here and then I assume. Music wise, the GBN side has a very noisy approach to

goregrind, with impossibly low tuned whole I was expecting form the band, though it lacks the fanatical machine drumming and personal twisted composing skill

of the other releases, replaced with some fast mid tempos, and a more simplified American twist, though it’s them, definitely, in the rawest terms…
Gore Beyond Necropsy: Akinob Ohtaki, 837-6 Horinishi, Hadano-City, Kanagawa, Japan

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