GOREOPSY (Slo): “Intentional Disfiguration” Cd 2001 Life Fluid


Like I said with CUM, I can’t accept people relating every drum
machine band to MORTICIAN only because they’re the only well known
band who use it. Of MORTICIAN, GOREOPSY have nothing but that
drum thing. The guitar riffs remind me of BASTARD SAINTS with
their schizoid leverages and twists while the vocals remind me
a bit of DESCEND, DEMILICH and AVULSED when they were still heterosexual:
very, very guttural and low, probably it’s very amplified since
singing this way is impossible on the stage unless you’re a toad,
I also imagine because sometimes you hear the tone of the vocalist
when he completes some lines. Whatever the case, mix these three
elements and you get some picture on what GOREOPSY stand for.
Most of the songs walk on the alternating of slow, solid riffs
and grinding accelerations followed by some guitaristic schizophrenia.
A bit even on the long run but a chocolate cake for All-that-is-Gore
maniacs. It’s a pity the layout is incomprehensible. Definitely
too dark as one of the contact address is totally unreadable dark
blue on black.

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