GORGASM (USA/Il): “Bleeding Profusely” Cd 2001 Extremities


Ultra crisp, ultra Brutal, now improved by the human session battery
said?) GORGASM are back in full shape with their intense, crushing
Death Metal with almost grinding blasts and chunking churning
skin peeling riffs. Porn Grind I have seen they call it in the
reviews, well… could fit, although this is neither Grind nor
Gore as we European mean it (not like DEAD INFECTION at least).
Sure the vocals are damned down tuned and the lyrics deliciously
pervert, yet they’re far from the likes of DEAD, LIBIDO AIRBAG
or COCK & BALL TORTURE, ultimate purveyors of filthy sickness.
First here, is the music, the big guitar riffs are complex but
flowing, and the recording absolutely impeccable, the sound so
saturated they schunk your eardrums to cubes of bacon. Blessed
as well by a wonderful layout (both cover and booklet) this is
more of very high quality Brual Porn Death Metal, ‘mind me a good
cross between the lyrical perversion of LIVIDITY and something
more obscure, more frightening, more Death Metal. Soundwise closer
to the likes of DEPRECATED and DISGORGE (USA), I can’t really
see the reason I have been told this album was “melodic”.
Thanks god, it’s nothing like (spit) “melodic”, the
riffs are crushing, the blasts devastating, spreading like explosions
of fury in the vein of uhmm CEPHALIC CARNAGE (?)…. yet when
they maintain these supposed melodies it’s only the solos, modern
in structure yet classic to the ear… this is an album on par
with our time and age, modern and so perfectly performed it splits
the second with each beat, they’re really human chronometers.
Big, big Death Metal with some variations and definite personality.

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