GROINCHURN (RSA): “Whoami” CD 2000 Morbid


After a mild lethargy of experimentation and controlled groovy Grindcore which culminated into their previous “Fink” (see above”), GROINCHURN surpass themselves in this excellent “Whoami”. An absolutely thorough Hardcore feel permeates their already established style, bringing their absurd music towards awesome levels of integrity and aggression. Fierce, powerful, but with the undistinguishable grooviness peculiar to GROINCHURN this is a disc that reaches the end in a very short time, a disc you can listen to at any time, donating vigor and energy when you’re on a trip for a concert or whenever you feel somewhat exhausted. There’s something that I like in this album, and it’s the feeling that passes between the crustcore simple, basic melodies, and something that just used to entertain me when I was into crossover/hard core a few years ago, the thing that made you listen to SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, WHERMACHT, CHARLEY’S WAR, CRUMSUCKERS, MOD and similia. I think I gave the idea that I don’t have a clear idea on how to describe this album. It’s weird but yet very classic in its passage. Whatever it is, it’s something I will keep hearing on and on in my car, close to MOTORHEAD’s “On Parole” and “Overkill”.

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