HAEMORRAGE (Spa): “Anatomical Inferno” picLp 1998 Morbid


I should start by assuming everybody reading this mag already know HAEMORRAGE, but for those who don’t, shame on ’em, HAEMORRAGE are a great band. High class goregrinders which vigorously bring forward the dispute started by CARCASS and IMPETIGO more than a decade ago. I wasn’t immediately attracted by the band when their first CD was out but the more times rages on, the more I realize they really are the ones that deserve to stand on the top of the Gore platter. GUT and IMPETIGO are the bands that immediately spring to mind then listening to this album. Dr Obnoxious and Dr. Gore Grinder keep on butchering all through an highly varied an interesting release, that while wide-ranging and blessed by several kinds of different vocals (sometimes I think you can associate this style to EXHUMED), presents a raging intensity. Gore, guts, blood, intestines, splatter and horror with two covers of DOOM and REGURGITATE. Great stuff. PS: Intro by Ross of EXHUMED. The family isn’t that big in this genre meseems eh.

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