HAEMORRAGE (Spa): “Loathesongs” Cd 2000 Morbid


This CD is more of a collection of cover than an actual
full length release. HAEMORRAGE cover a large spectrum of genres
and bands, all of which have helped build up their particular
crude, basic yet very phlegmy style. From Crossover/Hard Core
Goregrind with REGURGITATE, CARCASS and DEFECATION to sheer Death
Metal with ENTOMBED (old stuff of course) and even Hard Rock (UFO).
While the songs originally were absolutely different, the HAEMORAGE
factor succeds in giving the CD a meaning for the entire length,
Lugubrious’s CARCASSish/IPETIGOish vocals suits tracks like “Pysosified”,
“Disgorging Foetus” and “Dear Uncle Creepy”
very fittingly, All the covers are so damn convincing you can
easily identify which angle of the music has been ripped to construct
thet hedgepodge of old school core/grind/death which is HAEMORRAGE
today. While I am not incredibly fond of only-cover albums, especially
from a single band, this CD makes me think twice. Actually one
song, the sixth is an unreleased track from the very band, and
it’s darn IMPETIGO in pattern and style, so there’s something
thoroughly HAEMORRAGE as well to taste. On a personal note, I
want to share that I myself grew up with THIS kind of music, while
modern day fanzines make it seems as if in the 80’s everybody
was ONLY listening to BATHORY, SODOM and EXODUS, I would like
to show them the titles that were selected in this CD, there was
a huge crossover between Hard Core and Death Metal in half/late
80’s which was very blurred at the beginning, before the genres
split up so neatly… those days might never be back but bands
like HAEMORRAGE makes the nostalgy sweeter.

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