HAEMORRAGE (Spa): “Scalpel, scissors… and other forensic instruments” Cd 2000 Copremesis


Originally released in 1996 by Ironia records as a tape,
this is a recent reprint of that hard to find cassette with the
addition of EP sides which were originally recorded as splits
with INGROWING, GROINCHURN and DENAK, plus the first track ever
recorded by the band 10 years ago (1991) and finally recorded
in a decent way. HAEMORRAGE is still basically the one we know,
rocking gore/death metal with that irresistible CARCASS/DEAD twist
especially when it comes to vocals and lyrics… The first 7 tracks,
the ones who were on the original tape, are very, very much hardcore/rock
on the guitar side, if they were recorded with some less distortion,
without the harmonized vocals, they could have been even easy
listening… then it gets diseased in the classic German school,
and the vocals adds the putrid stench to the whole. Tracks from
8 to 16 have a definitely deeper, darker sound, and have been
recorded in ’98, they include 2 covers from GENERAL SURGERY and
a band called KORTATU (which I honestly don’t know, sounds like
some sort of punk). Apart from the darker sound, the structure
itself of the songs is definitely more eterogeneous, more varied,
less moshing, more grinding… yet always sincerely HAEMORRAGE
and their unique, old school touch. A band who never makes false steps.

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