HATE ETERNAL (USA/Fl): “Conquering the Throne” Cd 1999 Wicked World


There is definitely something to say about a release like
this. Boasted and praised even before the Cd was released, the
band was something almost everybody was waiting for holding the
breath and crossing fingers. Featuring Erik of MORBID ANGEL/RIPPING
COPRSE and the almighty Doug of SUFFOCATION fame, you couldn’t
expect but the best. Then at a gig I got a wondrous compilation
Cd by Erik itself and when I supun it on my car-system I smiled
with 87 theet. Fuck, dozens of vocals crossing in a fucking inferno
of ultra brutal fucking death metal, supreme! At the time KRISIUN,
ANGELCORPSE, DIABOLIC, CENTURIAN, were only the first names of
a probable new wave of refreshed Death Metal. But when I actually
bought the Cd something didnt exactly fit my expectations. Technically,
everything is top notch, guitarwork is impressive, even on a purely
scholastical level it’s really neat and doubtlessly intericate
and “Brutal”, the drumming is frightening and the artwork
very, very interesting… although still, the sheer fercoity of
Brazilian bands such as the aforementioned KRISIUN or ABHORRENCE
gave me the idea of being submerged by too much skill, I had the
impression of an album that had a road paved with gold ahead even
before being judged. Unlimited hours in studio, unlimited hours
of rehearsing and sound engineering, monster skills all in all
just tamed the brute force that this band could have been capable
of, just like this super-perfect production ruined the last KRISIUN
album. Now I will be submerged as well by critics becouse “I
only like demo shit sound” and stuff (Dave Rotten’s words)
but that’s my opinion on HATE ETERNAL. It’s tragically demential
that so many bands complain for ANGELCORPSE being carbon copies
of MORBID ANGEL (obviously, some ignorant faggot rant), while
it is so obvious Erik’s influence in both this band and that.
A guitarist of that skill has a clear cut, definite personality
and that’s it, HATE ETERNAL mostly remind me of a 1000 times faster
morbid angel (I bet if “Chambers of Dis” from the F
album were included in this Cd, nobody would notice). But that’s
not really a big problem at all, HATE ETRNAL really shred ass
on stage, and have in my world conquered the throne in the new
wave of Brutal Death Metal. Musically, if you don’t know them
yet, HATE ETERNAL is fast, fastest Death Metal with ultra-brilliant
production, a drumwork that could daze any MALEVOLENT CREATION
release, vocals that sound like ripped out of the throat of a
maniac, and a guitarwork so intricate mo make your hands ache
if you even think about replying it yourself. The Death Metal
included here is definitely supreme, perfect, adamantine, yet,
I’d add, “even too much” if you know what I mean…
I also tried to give a bunch of thoughts about the lyrics, some
are definitely SUFFOCATION-like in imprint, the kind of you have
to think and reason about, made up of suggestions and cryptic
hidden meanings, while the most are evolving around the topics
of blasphemy (not towards a single religion though… interesting
aspects), and the ascension of some deeper gods from the bowels
of Earth. Visions of skies turning dark, obscene demonic creatures,
spells formulated to pierce the curtain of reality perfectly fit
the ferocious music, and the name HATE ETERNAL becomes clear and
definitely chosen with care to symbolize the band’s tight imagery.
The cover artwork is also splendid, an old Flemish painting of
demons, tortured souls and flames that roar with holy rage, a
curious choice as many Flesmish artist of the past centuries were
actually heretics and used to hide their heresy in their artworks.
The only thing that doesn’t convince me fully is the choice of
the title. “Conquering the Throne”, reading a bit superficially
to the lyrics and having figured a personal perspective of this
Cd as a work of “self accomplishment” by Erik’s part,
of having succeded in forming the ultimate Death metal abnd of
his careere, I associated the things and thought the lyrics meant
something like a concept about “achieving and succeding”
against world’s strongly tied decrees, especially the catholic
ones… but then when I had a chat last year with Erik itself
much of my suppositions revealed to be unfounded… I guess I’ll
either have to re-read completely the work of either discuss a
bit more about it with him, on an interview … (hint hint)…
the one I got last year was rather confused due to my unsufficient
preparation and probably due to my horrible spelled English (
I was rather incredule when he told me he was reading lot of philosophy
and I asked him if he was into Nietzche while writing the lyrics
and he answered “never heard”.. sorry friend, I’ll try
to improve my spelling it next time AH!), so I probably will write
a long, interesting one before the release of the new album. Let’s see, one step from perfection (or one beyond… ).

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