HUMAN WASTE (Ger): “Loved, Teased, Pleased…” Cd 2001 s/p [demo]


A step further from their previous demo, this brand new HUMAN WASTE self-produced
CD have decided to land in my mailbox thanks to the maniacs (thanks
a lot by the way!) in the band. A 4 songs (including an AUTOPSY
cover, “Destined to Fester” from the album Mental Funeral…fucking
wonderful song in particular from an AUTOPSY fanatic like me)
with colour home-made sleeve. Musically the band is still playing
grunting Death Metal with lot of cadenced and slamming tempos,
performed with good playing skills, sometimes sounding close to
olde CANNIBAL CORPSE especially in the second song “Penis
Inn” (counting skipping the intro, which is in German but
I suppose it’s cool) which has those weird guitar tricks which
were abundant in “The Bleeding”. The CD is recorded
in an OK way although not so perfectly as for a full length official
release. There are lots of twists in the songs, continuous tempo
changes, short solos, twists and sudden changes but sadly no shocking
accelerations and well, they need a little bit more of tightness
to come up to the style of relentless Death metal they seem to
be directed at. Dexterity they have to hande their instruments
but I think they still lack a sparkle of life to let the music move up. Just my 2 coins.

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