HUMANITY ECLIPSE (Ita): “Something is Really Hard” Cd 1999 s/p [demo]


x BLOODY VOMIT (an obscure (to me) Grind / Noise band),
HUMANITY ECLIPSE play dextrous, skilled Death Metal with an excellent
crisp production and a full bodied, tight sound. Although they
sometimes remind me of CASTIGATE they have a somewhat different
approach to the use of solos and usually encase the burst of grinding
rage, when it should be released full force, in vaguely thrashing
metalllic riffs which to my grinding ears sound a bit too mosh.
I would not consider them American in sound but yet not perfectly
fitting the shoes of European ferocious Brutishness, such as CENTURIAN
or INSISION (hey these are big names…). The accuracy used in
structure the songs is encommiable yet… this is material with
still has some ties with the background of thrash metal this music
had when it was in tarnsition between the 80’s and 90’s (remember
the names SYNDROME or HEXX?) before the savagery was completely
denaturized from the metal ( metal = shit) sound. One step from excellency.

Vote: 6.4

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