HYPOCRISY (Swe): “Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken” live Cd 1999 Nuclear Blast


The overdone solution of injecting melodies into HYPOCRISY Death Metal music got me a bit sick to this point. That romantic, sad feeling which permeates their music (his music I would say at this point as the main character in the band takes up much relevancy). For being a live, it’s recorded in a flawless way, you can perceive the live feeling of stage music by the vibrations, the broad band distortions which give body and soul to the music. Sadly very few of the songs have the right intensity, mainly songs from “Obsculum Obscenum” and “Penetralia”, of course. Since they got the screams in the music to replace the classic grunts, and maybe even one album before, this band has been running down a constant slope. I don’t care for the newer stuff but the oldest shit still retain some fascination. Political rating without praise.

Vote: 5.7

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