IMPALED (USA/Ca): “The Dead Shall Dead Remain” Cd 2000 Death Vomit


IMPALED is a relatively new name in the Death metal panorama although
it already deservedly gained good renown due to a humorous bad
taste and a demented dedication to horror (a kind of spirit which
has something of HAEMORRAGE). That they recall EXHUMED is inarguable,
and comprehensible as there is one of the founder of the band
playing here as well, especially when you get caught in the flowing,
gore soaked sound which blasts all through melodic, vaguely CARCASS-ish
solos (and the swinging early CARCASS print is clear sometimes)
and grunts. The production is excellent, and the whole packaging
of among the highest level you get this day (due also to the Eyesore
Graphics studio whose heart nests inside the band). They’re really
not as filthy and tastefully chaotic as EXHUMED or SANITY’S DAWN
to raise me to such levels of uncontrolled rapture, but they’re
damn crazed nonetheless, a barrage of multiple vocals (again,
one of them brings me the typical Steer roaring of the pre-Heartwork
days), grinding accelerations, and sheer murder and horror based
lyrics. Highest level stuff which will be remembered in the future.

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