IMPETIGO (USA/Il): “Late Night Necrophiliac Fun” split Cd with INGROWING (Cze) 2000 Bizarre Leprous


A reissue of IMPETIGO/INGROWING split 7″ as far as I know, pressed on an absurd 2 colour CD, transparent but with a 3″ silver disc within the disc (difficult to explain” both bands logos are printed on the disc. The IMPETIGO cover is fucking great, while the INGROWING one follow the (sigh) traditional cyber/gore theme with the traditional lack of class. The IMPETIGO track (“I work for the Streetcleaner” as the title suggests. are very, very muddy and confused, barely understandable at all (recalls me of a SUFFOCATION picture disc I got 7/8 years ago with live tracks from the first 2 albums), I would suggest this only to collectors.

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