IMPETIGO (USA/Il): “Ultimo Mondo Cannibale” Cd 1999 Morbid


First full length album from the greatest Horror band of all times.
Originally released 10 years before on Wild Rags! this re-issue
on Morbid features, contrarily to the Horror of the Zombie, exactly
the same artwork, cover and inner sleeve as the original. No additional
tracks, re-mastering or bonus CD-ROM shit to distinguish from
the original LP but hell, this is finally on CD and can be listened
without risking to scratch or wear the vinyl. The sound is fucking
crude and the songs a bit less varied then on the second CD and
still display a backbone of humour (songs like “Jane Fonda
Sucks”, “Dear Uncle Creepy” and “Revenge of
the Scabby Man” have more of a comic strip based feeling
than B Italian Horror movies IMHO). In the whole disc there is
still much punk/core influence such as NAPALM DEATH’s “Scum”
or other primitive grind core bands from bid 80’s. Yet there are
lots of great intros and samples from great movies like “Zombie”,
“Gates of Hell” or “Wizards of Gore”, and
songs which shall be remembered for ages. Still one step from
the complete perfection of “Horror of the Zombies” but
a fucking masterpiece nonetheless. Pure art grown on festering

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