IN AETERNUM (Swe): “Forever Blasphemy” Cd 1999 Necropolis


Strike. This is one of the bands whose concert I will never forgive myself to have missed. In a way, it’s one of the first times I find a band this fucking good at playing southern Swedish Death Metal with this ferocity. There are elements of AT THE GATES, UNANIMATED, MERCILESS and other deluxe bands which have given a chance to the word melodic in Death Metal while keeping it untarnished by useless, frivolous romanticism. IN AETERNUM music is raw and cruel yet they got this vaguely melodic feel that just gives it some soul and spin. The vocals are real superb, AT THE GATES don’t go that far from my mind when listening to this great blasphemic release. Yet this band has got even further of late, but then I will maintain myself on this release only. And well, yes there is some Black metal as well but only the finest parts of this genre. Really, really excellent.

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