INHUMATE (Fra): “Growth” Cd 2000 Grind Your Soul


chapter in this heptalogy INHUMATE is weaving year after year.
According to their plan the 6 CDs will narrate the 6 seasons of
human life, from conception to rebirth and ascension to the infinite.
Theoretically the project is rather interesting although I am
really not much into many of the lyrics in the CD, such as “Grind
God” or “Underground” which sound a bit like JUDAS
PRIEST quoting on Death Metal/Grind Core (“I am a Rocker
oh ohh…”). I think some lyrics are interesting but the
ones which are too straight lose some fascination, almost look
like ads on Metal Hammer. Musically the band is darn competent.
Fast Death Metal with grinding acceleration, good boiling vocals,
hundreds of tempo changes, different riffs, razor sharp drumming
and vocal shifts. Songs are varied and yet tight and nit predictable.
Good shit, over 50 minutes long and never sounding the same. Very
metallic to be considered Grind, written with some brain which
is absolutely not to underestimate. Fucking mature band.

Vote: 7

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