INHUME (Hol): “Decomposing from Inside” Cd 2000 Bones Brigade


It took me one second to understand that INHUME makes me feel
in my element, This is exactly my cup of fucking blood. I want
THIS kind of Death metal OK? This is NOT grind for you dickheads
who don’t know the difference, this is DEATH METAL the way it
should be played. It has nothing to do with SUFFOCATION, it has
nothing to do with IMPETIGO, it has nothing to do with DEAD INFECTION.
This is just fucking INHUME, absurly savage Death Metal with a
double vocalist approach and yeah, both do the down tuned vocals
and maintain the shrieks on a second level (as it should always
be, screams are good for background reinforcement, not for 6 minutes
long songs). Lots of tracks start with the 3 drum beats and I
fucking love it, this music is a real mosnter, big, full bodied,
intense and compact like a 3 days old turd in your bowels, no
compromise, no fucking trippy games, INHUME strikes with hatchet
and maul with hammering devastating Gore/Death, a sort of Gore/Death
I am not even able to describe with words. It’s at the same time
ferociouslty savage and unhumanly tight, super gargling and yet
fast and feral, with bonecrushing almost Swedish guitar sound
and in your face drum rampage… with CENTURIAN and LAST DAYS
OF HUMANITY my fave band from Holland since PESTILENCE… ’nuff
said I hope.

Vote: 9.5

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