INIQUITY (Dnk): “Serenadium” Cd 1996 Diehard


There’s something that almost remind me of some horror flick in the intro, such feeling you get when listening to THE MISFITS, which is soon replaced with some rather aggressive sort of Death Metal with guttural vocals and classically north European structures. The melodic parts are kept to the minimum, only falling for a few second into a vaguely horrorific feel, but the guitars never seem to take the fly, the right spin, although some fast almost grinding parts exists, it usually keeps on some vaguely contained level. There is definitely something good in INIQUITY, maybe its almost old school Swedish guitar sound, or the mid tempo Death Metal elements which on the other hand often end up being their weak spot. This music bores after a few minutes, I can’t do anything to avoid to point it out. It just doesn’t got the right ferocity nor the right fist banging feel. Buit they are somewhat prolific so who knows if they manage to get something better in the future.

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