INSISION (Swe): “Promo 2000” tape 2000 s/p [demo]


Even bands that have already released full length CDs do release promos and that’s a good enough proof that some bands keep on improving even if they keep it underground and freshly honest. INSISION was born out of the wedding of the bands EMBALMER (aehm, no, not those from Cleveland), ILDOOR, AZATOTH, DELLAMORTE and DISFUGURED (I wonder why guys from Stokcholm dare to say there is not good scene there…mm) … anyway INSISION play tight American Class Death Metal with guttural vocals, reminds me somewhat of CANNIBAL CORPSE of “The Bleeding” on speed and guitarwork, though with more aggressive vocals (actually “The Bleeding” was rather lacking on the vocal parts) and an European feel which luckily avoids the boring slamming twists the more inexperienced American teenage bands ingenuously take for powerful. Sometimes they also remind me a bit of earlier SINISTER (“Cross the Styx era”), but fuck, they are capable of an unrelenting, intricate bastard Death Metal of deliciously definite identity. The band blasts fast as fuck amidst the carnage of this Death Metal though not to grinding speeds, and they have the noteworthy ability to create solos that fit the overall mayhem (not so common nowadays, IRON MAIDEN fuck off).

Vote: 8.5

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