INSOMNIA (Pol) “Serendipity ” Cdr 2001 s/p [demo]


Basically the music could be described as a collection of different
worlds and styles, on the large part sounding like some version
of German CREMATORY but by no means so damn cheezy, actually this
band not only has musicians who have both talent and skill but
actually recereate melodic atmoshpere without using female vocals
and replacing the duties to a very particular instrument: trumpet
and brasses in genral. While the use of keyboard is abundant,
it’s not prevaricative nor it makes the music gross, on the contrary
the guitars avolve often in complex, ear flowing solos, plunge
into some orchestral crescendo and gets interrupted by a deliciously
grotesque, softly chilling use of brass instrument. The main idea
you get from hearing the band is that everything has a right place
and is played the right way, the colors used for this music are
dim yet elegant, and the strange instrument used just add that
touch of surreality wich can only recall ATHEIST or masters such
as PAN THY MONIUM. While basically not my cup of tea I have liked
a good slice of their arrangements. yet again the AMORPHIS school
really overstuffed my ears some years ago, hence one point less
in the rating I have really this kind of music over my last hair..

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