KEVLARSKIN (Spa): “Synthetic God” Cdr 2001 s/p [demo]


Well at the cost of sounding influenced by the country they’re
from, the vocals are the clasped-throat pig like squirms a la
CHRIST DENIED, although the music is much, much more varied. Musically
I think the CD belongs pretty clearly to brutal, slamming Death
Metal with a solid American imprint, kinda FLESHGRIND for instance,
with a compact, crushing guitarwork, and some variety in the drum
department. It’s the sort of metal that slams more than it hyperblasts,
while the faster parts are probably not in the first 10 in the
world, but the “live” demo sound of both guitar and
drums fits in my skin well. Mid paced yet very heavy, it’s something
more for new school than old school freaks, luckily I am into
both (more or less) genres. Demo CDR comes with full color cover,
and costs just 4 dollars, so write Fernando for this and for his
newsletter Pathologically Explicit (see review) OK?

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