KILL II THIS (): “Trinity” Cd 2000 Visible Noise


Some sort of what those who have never heard of CRUMSBSUCKERS, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER or DRI would call crossover. That is the music that in modern times has been interpreted as crossover. I’d say TREND, FEAR FACTORY, MEATLOCKER, MOLEST bla bla bla. Could no doubt have been a Die Hard release ahah. That sort of things you know. I am not the most talented to describe this music but I guess they might have been considered good if this promo landed in some glossy paper magazine for some million teenagers with broad pants, tribal tattoos and wool caps. Unluckily for them, I have to be honest to myself and to those who read this shit. This is as uninteresting as the million WHITE ZOMBIE clones which try to be trendy by dying their hair. I haven’t seen the pictures but something convinces me one of them, probably the one which use the spoken rap thing on the lines of the chords, has probably something marked Adidas on him. The disc features also guest vocals by singers of FEAR FACTORY and MY RUIN.

Vote: 4.5

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