KRISIUN (Bra): “Apocalyptic Revelation” Cd 1998 G.U.N.


Death Metal, the way it should ever been played, yet multiply
everything by 10. KRISIUN are faster, more technical, more percussive,
with the longest solos, whatever the fuck than any other else.
The song structures, all in all, are classical and far from innovative
but they’re so fucking well played they have no rivals. Fast.
Fast. Fast. Brutal and fucking fast, they bring the word Death
Metal splattered with blood over a fucking blood-soaked flag.
The design of the CD is simple yet great, you do not need to be
a genius to understand KRISIUN because that’s the way they always
played and forever will play. With rage and soul. Not with some
brain tripping innovations which are FUCKING USELESS in this music.
Great solos, great drumming, great vocals. Ultimate DEATH METAL.
Too bad they’ve been lately cursed by an overly crisp production.
The filth was supreme in Black Force Domain, and this overly precise
cure in cleaning the sound resulted in a slight loss of tightness.

Vote: 9.1

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