KRISIUN (Bra): “Black Force Domain” Cd 1995 Dynamo


No, no kidding, this is really one of the few masterpieces destined
to fuel a brand new breed of death metal for years ever since
its release in 1997. How many albums you can say that have REALLY
shaken you in the last years? How many albums like Altars of Madness
or World Downfall or Extreme Conditions demand Extreme Responses?
Well Black Force Domain is one of those pearls desined to fall
in my backpack if I ever had to flee this fucking city for a nuclear
conflict. Basically, there’s nothing new… bass/vocals, drums,
guitars. Nothing new except that everything is new, the way the
Death Metal is played is like nothing heard before, not even MORBID
ANGEL got this far. Every single elemnt that makes Death Metal
so different from the other genres, is pushed on adrenaline to
5 times faster, drum solos and hyperblasts to make your hair fall,
guitar solos so long and fast to make any guitarist sit down and
weep, basic, straight to the poing bestial lyrics, damn, this
album is a fucking bible of Death Metal. And it’s unrelenting,
savage, uncontrolled, bestial beyond any limit, the sound perfectly
neat without being synthetical, tight and fast, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G,
if you can buy one KRISIUN release, buy this one, this is CULT.

Vote: 9.9

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