LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY (Fra): “Hymns of Indigestible Suppuration” Cd 2001 Bones Brigade


Second fucking full-length album on Bones Brigade by these Gore
Grind butchers, they represent the soul of Gore Grind in every
fucking detail, with almost bestial ferocity, they are the essence
of splatter gore. Impossibly guttural gurgles, so fucking low
that if the man doesn’t use an harmoniser, he must be a fucking
freak half pig half human. The drummer blasts fast as a rocket
and the riffs are a bombardment of Grindcore intensity. Their
whole imagery evolves around carbonised corpses, splattered cadavers
and surgical massacres. Sometimes remind me of the first, essential
Gore grind of bands like REGURGITATE. Man this is a helluva musical
massacre, there’s no corner for melodies or useless melancholies.
Brutal as fuck. This CD represent really much their name, as there
is very little of human left in this music, from the vocals to
the horripilating collage of smashed and grinded bodies.

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