LIQUID OF LIFE (Fra) #3 (Newsletter), 1996

Year: 1996
Vote: 8,8
INTERVIEWS WITH: No interviews – 10 Xeroxed pages written in English

shadow of a doubt, my favorite French fanzine ever, this is the
first ish of Liquid of Life I had the big pleasure to read, Every
fucking time I receive a new copy of this fanzine I just feel
rinvigorated in my Death Metal fervor, becouse
the editor r4eally dies for it, like me ahr ahr… no really,
I wish I had his enthusiasm al, the time, these last years have
been quite critical you know, but just open this ‘zine and you
feel new energy flow in your veins, this guy is totally crazy.
At the time of this 3rd issue LoL was still mainly a newsletter,
and Olivier was working on his great Anticraps distro, which sunk
soon after to leave space to the newborn Bones Brigade (that we
all know of and LOVE, OK?). The style was very simple, a bunch
of xeroxed pages with tons of reviews and reviews only, with lots
of unknown shit and half a dozen logos per page (must be crazy
eheh…). Anyway that’s it, I will never stop reading and liking
this zine, this is the sincere core of true DEATH METAL feeling,
Olivier’s editorials could have been written by me, fucking trends
and concentrating only on the bloodiest sould of Death and Grind.

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