LYMPHATIC PHLEGM (Bra): “Bloodsplattered Pathological Disfunctions” Cd 2000 Putrid Nausea


LYMPHATIC PHLEGM is really terrifying… stylistically much similar to DISGORGE in song titles and cover artwork and stuff, but their music is somewhat different, much closer to noise/gore/grind, sort of heavier version of LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY or REGURITATE of which they also do a cover), backboned by ultrafast drum machine and ultra-harmonized vocals. The vocals actually stand out pretty much, as they’re recorded far higher than the rest,m but I think that’s ok, the impossibly downtuned guitars assume a sort of hypnotic effect on me, with this constant chilling buzzing, same effect I have from heavy electronics. Actually this is the effect given by a music that’s all but human, the vocals bear no resemblance to human grunts, and the drum machine add this synthetic touch. I gernerally like that stuff and LYMPHATIC PHLEGM is no exception. Frightening GoreGrind of the most heavy, extreme sort. Gargantuan sound, bloodboiling surgical butchery, a release that oozes blood…

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