MACHETAZO (Spa): “Carne de Cementerio” Cd 1999 Razorback


One astounding feat that MACHETAZO succeed to accomplish
is being able to create 13 songs (plus two covers from well known classics
such as SOB and ABSCESS) in the same CD, each with his own concrete,
palpable, neatly cut identity, from grind to almost doom laden tracks,
something that is rather hard to hear from any band this day, all the
while maintaining a core of definite personality and a perfectly distinguishable
identity. Something that maybe hasn’t happened ever since IMPETIGO disappeared
from the scene (although yeah, they seem to have been more active than
ever in the past few years, in a way). And well, resemblances to IMPETIGO
don’t stop here, as an heavy use of intros from B movies and horror
flicks and the flowing, pounding non-metal (that is not happy rides
and useless solos) tempos just have the same catchiness and feel. MACHETAZO
play that sort of old school Death metal which bands such as ROTTREVORE
or REPULSION were able to play because they had in my opinion a strong
background of good, genuine Hard Core and Punk which cleans off all
those unnerving typically metal riffs leaving an unadulterated pulp
of entrails and sawed splinters of bones which comes out really original
and really memorably fucking sick. All through the CD you get a fucking
varied portfolio of what this band can accomplish, with the main thread
of Spanish language used all through the songs and all within the CD
package as well: fast almost grinding accelerations, coarse Death Metal/Core
with a vaguely crusty swing which makes the whole gore and gut flow
free and extremely good for headbanging, convulse gargles and shrieking
screams. One thing that might have helped this fucking great band reach
such a sound might have been a constant change of approach to the music
from grind noise to obscure Death Metal in 4 full years of seven inches
and demotapes before a real deal. Must buy release. The cover artwork
is grotesque, somewhat cartoonish yet gory, I don’t know the painter
but his style reminds me of the violent comic Oink… it depicts something
like a caricature of an horrible walking, hulking jigsaw of flesh with
an hatchet in hand among an hedgepodge of massacred bodies (remind me
the song “Skullptures” by AUTOPSY, remember?).

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