MALEVOLENT CREATION (USA/Fl): “Eternal” CD 1996 Pavement


This is one of those CDs that were released when Bret Hoffman was out of the band, and thump me, but during that period, the band made me sleep. They were so uniform and plain they absolutely lost my attention after a few minutes. Luckily I managed to see the band playing these songs with Bret back in the band and I realized how darn great they were. Couldn’t guess such a difference with a singer or another. But they’re absolutely different. MALEVOLENT have a spin that make their song never sound stupid even when they fall into the chugga chugga syndrome. But again, they are whet they are no more no less. Respect them for it, but I won’t praise em like I can praise ANGEL CORPSE, MORBID ANGEL or NILE. They play Death Metal in their own special way, and stick to it.

Vote: 5.9

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