MALEVOLENT CREATION (USA/Fl): “Joe Black” Cd 1999 Pavement


As above, like said before, MALEVOLENT stick to the same routine but High Class Death/Thrash Metal ever since they begun their career. But “Joe Black” is a bit faster and more raw than “Eternal” (luckily). On the bad part, I fall deep into slumber in my chair after 2 tracks…something soporific is into the bass player vocals. Apart from these 3 tracks, one SLAYER cover ( which is absolutely average), 3 are remixed, and another 3 from the demo tapes. For fans could do. For me it’s a pretty useless release, if not for the demo tapes which might be quite hard to find at the moment (and raised a bit on nostalgic feeling in me to hear the old vocals, I remember…oh well.. fuck off).

Vote: 6.8

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