MALEVOLENT CREATION (USA/Fl): “The Fine Art of Murder” Pavement


The fact to having always managed to find a human drum machine at every change of line up must have not been easy task for them, yet they managed to put their hands on the startling talent of Dave Culross for this album which fuck, is so precise and damn fast with the drumsticks that the whole music almost suffer for the lacking of humanity which cursed the HATE ETERNAL debut. Despite this, this album signed a serie of excellent decisions for the band, which I approve with all of my heart, the music has become more varied and genuine than the previous 2 or 3 works and yeah, this albums also features the comeback of their real singer. Nobody but Bret Hoffman could play with MALEVOLENT CREATION, just like his vocals can’t fit any other band as perfectly as they fit MALEVOLENT (somebody remembers SILENT DEATH?). Well actually this album sees the band is great shape, a shine they almost lost ever since “Stillborn” more and more at each album. It was a very welcome comeback from my part at least, and it was followed by a row of absolutely killer live gigs which portrayed this masters again to top levels. Well for the rest, describing MALEVOLENT CREATION musicwise is no easy task. They’re Death metal, no more no less, never changing much from song to song but always maintaining a flow and a easily identifiable mood, with blinding speed hyperblasts that always remain clean and well distinguishable. Good product.

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