MALIGNANT TUMOUR (Ger) “Eat The Flesh… And Vomica” split Cd with SQUASH BOWELS (Pol) 1995 Obscene


This is a CD that has been released in two different versions.
Mine is the original with a different cover but I cannot really
tell you if there are other differences apart from the purely
graphic aspect. The cover artwork is still graphically explicit
and splatter, although the lyrics are more of the socially involved
kind. The MALIGNANT TUMOUR side starts off with a DEAD INFECTION
cover and contains two more (both AGATHOCLES’), which are clearly
identifiable by the fact they’re the only two without gurgling
vocals. Musically the tumours are definitely gore although the
blasting parts seldom reach the levels of classical Grindcore.
The guttural spit and spew vocal work is extremely down tuned
(LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY school), and the guitar work rather simplicistic,
which adds some flow although it doesn’t exactly turn me on due
to a not too convincing drumming. If they could get a little bit
faster where accelerations are needed, it would help them gain
two full points.

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