MARDUK (Swe): “Panzer Division Marduk” Cd 1999 Osmose


I have always had controversial view over Black Metal until I
finally realized it’s not a genre per se, but more a collection
of different Black metals. There’s the speed/thrash bands with
satanic lyrics from the 80’s, there’s the crude, evil Black Metal
of some of the early Norwegian bands such as DARK THRONE, VON
or FESTER, totally extinct in Norway but living on with a new
soul in the States, and there’s the mainstream Black Metal with
those clownish corpse paint, witchlike vocals and guitars tuned
to sound like a mosquito buzz, which has several variants into
gothic and paganism. Fact is only 2% of the Black Metal bands
this day actually raise some interest at all into me. But despite
their following, MARDUK is still a killer Black War Metal band,
while their approach to the concepts of warfare is not as spiritual
and articulate as that of ANGELCORPSE, they are a straight as
a fuck missile in the ass of Christ. I’ll not indulge through
details to facet their style, but they’re definitely unique. Blindingly
fast, with lacerating screams and a charge of utter violence that’s
really charming… where the band has lack anyway, is their
live shows, which lately dismantled all the images I created on
this band. They act as fucking rock stars, the singer wears sunglasses
on the stage and behave as if they were fucking KISS (and that
stupid custom of wearing closn makeup doesn’t help anyway). Horns
and smiles ruin all the mood their wall of sound creates, to the
point I have even seen them doing the “human train”
on the stage. I’ll avoid another MARDUK show at all costs, but
stick to their fucking great releases.

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