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What do you ask for in a zine? Personally I am a bit picky, even if I should definitely not be with a gross zine like mine, but nonetheless I have personal antipathies. For instance, I could not care less for glossy ultra professional zines that start out for being the ultimate in their genre, big full colour debuts with tons of wasted words from kids who picked up their first Cd last year (I can name a few zines in my country…). Of huge blocks of 120 pages which bore the ass out of you with 40 interviews with routine questions and thousands of one sentence reviews. Or zines that are all humour and give nothing about information. Mental Funeral goes beyond this barrier anyway, as it?s genuine, fresh and interesting all through from first to the last page. Even if the layout could appear a bit messy my trained eye can distinguish lot of work behind this scissors and glue affair, this man knows how to slip from flicks to music without lowering your interest for a single second, with the grace of a cat (in your brain). The interview featured here include two of my favourite bands ever, IMPETIGO (of course) and SADISTIK EXEKUTION (a band whose name still sends shivers down my spine, wish Australian BM still sounded this way instead of pompous BATHORian clones), both somewhat old (one from 98 one from 93, but always actual), some heavy Electronics and Noise (CONTROL) and a Director of necro-centered movies (Nacho Cerda, Spanish, those who have seen Aftermath should know his works). The reviews are written in tiny characters, which I love, but are scattered in a way that much space is wasted anyway, ans same could be said for some old flyers the author wanted to stick for everyone?s pleasure (Carcass debut era, Blasphemy and so on…), but I think I can go over it. The fonts in the flick review section (definitely the most complete and professional I have seen in a DM zine so far) are a bit confused as well, but readability is not compromised. The splatter pics that frame the whole pack can?t be found on the internet, all in all it?s not as excessively obsessed with tons of gore/splatter stuff as Flophouse of the Freaks, but definitely more studied, cured and perfectly written. I highly recommend a zine like this, I doubt you could skip one page ?cuz you get bored. Thumbs up.

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