MORBID ANGEL (USA/Fl): “Formulas Fatal to the Flesh” Cd 1998 Earache


Ahhhh yes, I know, this is probably the worse cover artwork they ever had, second only maybe to that of “Domaination” and yes, probably one of the worst cover artworks EVER on a principal Death Metal release, but, thanksfully, Formulas has been the most welcome lp of all of 1998. When I thought MORBID ANGEL was completely out of the scene, and after the loss of their frontman Dave Vincent, I got this great, welcome suprise. Formulas starts Brutal as fuck from the very first seconds, no cheesy trips as if in their previous release, Formulas has fresh meat on the vocal department and, while not as ubiquitous as Dave was, his guttural grunts does the job damn well. The first few songs are a tornado of Death Metal of “A”level choice, cultminating in a monster that as “Chambers of Dis”, spiralling through arcane invocations in Sumerian and Lovecrafian alphabet, yet with theMORBID ANGEL unique blend of music and lyrics, which have finally exploded in thsi album in a concrete philosophy which they call the Living Continuum (see interior of the booklet). Towards the end the CD becomes first more and more experimental with a percussion-only track, some kayboard trips which are still damn evocative and a bit religious in sound, and culminates with one of the best tracks ever from the band. Yes, a track who was written ca. 1984, which only now sees the light, and yes still in the vein of oldest MORBID ANGEL, the ones who were knee deep in Satanism and Middle Ages. This track only would deserve a 10 damn. Still, the lack of Brunelle on guitars ends up in more technical, classical stuff and a bit less spinechilling aberration rising musick. But great, great come back!!

Vote: 8.5

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