MORBID ANGEL (USA/FL) “Gateways to Annihilation” Cd 2000 Earache


Following the path of their previous albums, this one starts with the letter “G”, “Gateways to Annihilation” is, once again, an album antirely different from the previous 6 ( or 7), this time all of the lyrics but one have been handled by the new vocalist mister Tucker. The artwork has finally escaped from the horrible mania of computer graphics and is back into the hands of the proficient painter Dan Seagrave (who also created their first cover). The artwork shown on the CD cover didn’t convince me much at first but when I bought the CD and opened the 4 folds I was really positively impressed, the result I wish you all to see here , great paint, gives the idea of an alien city sucked in by a negative force vortex, fantastic. Stylistically this time MORBID ANGEL have left me a bit dry. Indeed this CD takes a few listen before beginning to take in your brain, and while not as catastrophic as “Domination”, it’sd probably not one of their best performances. The times of Altars of Madness and Blessed Are The Sick are gone, I know, as is the genial estrus which made each song unique and memorable, this time there is little to remember except maybe an impossible double bass drum show in “To the Victor the Spoils”, a double vocal approach in “Secured Limitations”, the LAIBACh-esque “Awakening”and the usual, increbible professionality. Were it another band, this album would have been incredible, but from MORBID ANGEL… I don’t know, I always thought of them as something different, somewhat holy. This album still follows their idea of changing each time approach, (relatively) slow and heavy, dragging roaring vocals and the occasional great solo minute after minute, but then maybe I will leave a second review in another few months. MORBID ANGEL albums are to be taken with care. What can I say, it’s still them, I mean the ones of the prodigious “Formulas”, yet more martial, more controlled… more mature?

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