MOSHQUITO (Ger): “World’s End” Cd 2001 Morbid


Well this band, most likely every band which plays this music, stirs in me the same attention as THE HAUNTED, ICED EARTH or EXHORDER, in other words, none. Somewhat Thrash Metal. Halfway between the modern and old approach, it could be defined, a classification which doesn’t involve anything offensive, considering the band has been active for almost 15 years in one way or another, ever since the days of the iron curtain, but then, they lack some energy, some shine. The spin, the memorable, abrasive acceleration of old school thrash metal have left space to modern, precise, clean guitar sounds nicely encased in simple, easily remembered riffs, never too fast, often into that SEPULTURA like rhythmic, with not too distorted vocals, never too out of control. There’s some energy hidden somewhat into this music but I would appreciate it far more dirty, sincere, kicking in the ass this modern thrash metal, a music which doesn’t deserve to exist anymore.

Vote: 4.5

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