MOTORHEAD (Eng): “Everything Louder than Everyone Else” live-2Cd 1999 Steamhammer


Well this is MOTORHEAD. One cannot but feel so small when talking about them. Lemmy is God after all, and MOTORHEAD is THE band which have brought the flag of noise and loudness far before LSAYER invented Death Metal. So, judging the band itself for its qualities would be impossible by itself, and more than everything, pretentious. But then, talking about this specific release, I have some comments boiling in my own head. That record labels have used the MOTORHEAD machine to spill the last drop of money out of every single idea, in hundred of collectibles, 7″, singles and live CDs is undeniable. To say that me like many others gave up to collect every single MOTORHEAD release is human I believe. But then some lives come out in good shape, and this double album has the nice, exquisitely classic feel of “No Remorse”, a kind of classy, detailed selection of tracks and a deeply felt choice of sound. With a perfect, warm sonority and a absolutely to the point choice of songs, this could be considered one of the few lives which deserve to be bought. But then it’s just a live CD, a good one, but not a full length release, and if you got “No Sleep ’till Hammersmith” and “No Sleep at All”, this is admittedly superfluous.

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