MYTHOS (Fin): “Dark Material” MCd 1996 KTOK


Compared to the early MYTHOS
stuff, this is a proof that they COULD have grown WEAKER. The CD starts
out with shouts from some drunken company, and gets not much better
with the beginning of the first song. The vocalist is terrible, it follows
the melodies of the guitars with a sort of highly modulate grunt which
is so damn out of place… like the very latest DESULTORY… there is
a veil of their earlier killer style beneath it all, which made them
as brutal as original as very few bands I have known so far, but the
melodic passages are incorporated in a way it ruins every good thing
that could have grown… there’s the vaguely epic influence of modern
Swedish metal such as latest THERION beneath, and the Black Metal feel
just adds a film of catchiness which is destroyed every time it starts
to get interesting. I don’t like the groove, the r’n’r feel or whatever
they had intention to bring with this stylistical change. if you liked
the old MYTHOS avoid this one… the pointless use of keyboards on this
sleepy mass is the killing strike in my glans. Boring… no chance…

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