NASUM (Swe): “Inhale/Exhale” Cd 1998 Relapse

NASUM (Swe):

This is what I call grindcore, no more labels are needed than these two words: Girnd. Core. And they are just plain perfect in playing it, not counting they have a factor which rarely blesses grind releases, amazing artwork and package (but that’s probably due to Relapse behind the scenes). Like I said in the first line, this is Grindcore in its quintessence, they have it all to be the ultimate Grindcore band of late millenium: short blazing songs no more than a handful of seconds each, great catchy riffs which surprisingly don’t sound too “crusty” or “punk” a la G-ANX or ENT, short hair and baseball caps, a huge discography with at least one split with AGATHOCLES, a monochrome cover, they talk shit about Death Metal, and have at least one song with a question mark (“for what cause?”). To sum it up in short, I like this shit a lot, it actually takes some qualities to stuff almost 40 songs in an album without getting too even or make you sleepy… all this is packed with great no-nonsense, no-metal riffs, some solos (ayeh, incredible!) and lots of well thought song lyrics… this album is also blessed by an impeccable sound, mastered by Bill of EXIT-13 (RIP…) it gets so low sometimes it could even be old BRUTAL TRUTH or even some Swedish GRAVE-like band, if they actually slowed for a bit and made you hear the guitar sound… but they do not, thay blaze through each song with blinding speed, thrashing all canons of grindcore with rage of half growled/half top of the lungs screams, when Grindcore somewhat gets a bit weaker, sound, vocal department (both of which are just matter of tastes, I do love filthy grind, but when it’s recorded this way, it might even get better) NASUM get reinforced, steeled in a armor of ground-shaking tarrorism. A pattern who is even reinforced in the more recent Human 2.0.

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