NECRONY (Swe): “Pathological Perfomances” Cd 1993 Poserslaughter


Nauseous, old school Death/Gore, although not that breed of Death Gore one means today with bands such as EXHUMED or SANITY’S DAWN, but much more of Swedish Death Metal a la GRAVE with a good, cavernous, harmonized vocals array and a great old-school songwriting. There is nothing really amazing at a first listen of this CD maybe, you should have lived the late 80’s early 90’s to understand the special feel it gets, the melodies that lade the songs are not just pretty, they’re more of revolting, the guitar sound absolutely GRAVE/old DISMEMBER/CREMATORY, and the lyrics definitely into the paradoxical pathological universe of CARCASS. The combination of slow, relentless riffs, disgustingly down tuned sonorities and harmonized vocals will bring in a few years to a brand new genre of gore/grind, now deliciously purveyed by acts like COCK & BALL TORTURE. This album is a classic, for being the first Poserslaughter release if for nothing else. Great shit, makes me nostalgic.

Vote: 9.3

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