NECROPHAGIA (USA/Oh): “Black Blood Vomitorium” MCd 2000 Red Stream


This is the second time I hear the word Vomitorium (the first was the necrocannibalistic song on “Acts of the Unspeakable”). I doubt it exists in any dictionary, but anyway there’s more of AUTOPSY in the new NECROPHAGIA than in this term. A bit broader in encompassing some parts of rather classic Death Metal with samples and unidentifiable sonorities. But on the whole a rather sick expulsion which have that diseased, frenzied reek that ABSCESS and AUTOPSY have in common. Convulsed, sincere Gore Core with something of classic in it, just like that sort of feeling you get when listening to Death Metal at its very roots. Raw and primeval Death Metal, the way it should always be. This is no pretty stuff to hear, you need stomach, but this is Death Metal, not country, you need a very special state of mind to like its core, and if you got it, you’ll also understand what is so good in NECROPHAGIA.

Vote: 6.7

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