NECROTERIO (Bra): “Lament of flesh” Cd 2000 Jethro Songs


This band was completely unknown to me , until “Jill” from Razorback rec. suggest me to search for them . And she’s right !!! In fact this act coming from Brazil , play unrelenting skilled visceral brutality in the vein of old Suffocation and Flesh Grinder . However they are more gore-ripping- flesh oriented , above all for using sick vocals in contrast to an ordinary leading growls ; and for the crunchy guitars . The disc features 8 songs + an instrumental intro and outro . Each song drenched of barbarity , will be more than a dripping suffer for yours bleeding ears . Luckily yours spurt of blood will be no longer cause the disc length-time runs only for 28 min . Give a chance to our Brazilian football-addicted brothers !( Ronaldo return yeaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! )

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