NEFAS (Ita): “Transfiguration to the Ancient’s Form” MCd 1999 Nuclear Abominations

NEFAS (Ita):

I remember the first time I saw NEFAS live, it was a display of musical prowess and untarnished Brutality I almost shitted in my pants, I really couldn’t believe a band like this could hail from my country, and be so unknown. Of all the other bands I had seen live this far this is the only one who has that kind of high lever professionality and dedication which is typical of American (let’s say Florida) bands. Musically, it’s all about Brutal Death metal of the finest quality, blessed by a drummer that is probably the fastest of all the italian Death metal scene, and probably the most technical as well, to complete this all, the guitars are obsessive and obscure, they have that kind of eerie, mystical dark sound which is characteristic of IMMOLATION or INCANTATION, that’s why I compare ’em so often to these bands, but also gets crushingly heavy like BOLTTHROWER at times. The more the band matures, the more it strays from the GRAVE influenced Swedish Death they played at the beginning of their career, and at the point this MCD was recorded, thay were as personal, compact and unite as a band as the most praised pros. The vocals are kinda demoniac and gargling, sort of those of IMMOLATION on their first album “Dawn of Possession”, while lyrics are centered on Sumerian and Bablylonian mithoi, chanting of mythic passages and the fantastic Chthulu imagery Lovecraft created for the Necronomicon. I think it was one of the best releases of that year, INTERNATIONALLY speaking, and aehm, after all it was released through my label… the point is I am not praising this band so much becouse I partecipated in that MCD, but on the contrary I thought it was a good thing to do BECOUSE the band was so superlative. The cover artwork, just like the one on the demo-tape, had been painted by Paolo Parente who aalso worked for Lobo and other national and international comic labels.

Vote: 8.7

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