NEW EDEN (USA/Ca): “Obscure Master Plan” Cd 1999 Nuclear Blast


The very fist word spoken by this faggot was like a wallop through my testicles. The vocals are in the IRON MAIDEN way and just like those clowns, are absolutely unbearable. I have not the competence to exactly rate to which category of excrement this music belongs, progressive, power or heavy, to me they sound like the same, but hey, I must wrtite something to forget I am listening to this stuff, because if I start to think about it, I can’t find a single reason why should I waste even one single second of my time to review this shit. Before you open your mouth, know this is not even funnily pompous as a normal Power Metal band. Its just boring, so boring and nerve shaking that I have to cut this short and sue this CD as a cup holder for my hot chocolate. Like all bands who play this music, they’re absolutely useless and unendurable. Fuck off. What the fuck happened to Nuclear Blast, is this music for you?

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