NOVEMBERS DOOM (USA/Il): “The Knowing” Cd 2000 Dark Symphonies


Actually if I was into this music a bit more, well, if this music had still some soul or interest at all and were not completely drained of any attraction or magic by overuse and abuse of the same expedients again and again, NOVEMBERS DOOM would have been not bad. Actually their music is much varied, as they displays a certain competence in handling different atmospheres in a flowing weave that prolongs for over 60 minutes, a music that could be compared to the first THE GATHERING (when they still had guttural vocals) with lots of variety and some (I must admit) class that sometimes remind the old ANATHEMA or even PARADISE LOST at their first days. Unluckily, there is a bit of excess of clich‚s and pizzicatos, arpeggios and the constant solemn vocals bla bla bla stuff, which drops them on the brim of the chasm where bands such as 3rd AND THE MORTAL and company crowd the dreams of teenager riot girls and the pockets of labels such as Black Mark. Playing this music is a very dangerous affair for my humble tastes. I am not unreservedly against this style, but it needs to be played with a special touch, if you don’t want to fall into banality and ball breaking tediousness, which is the ground where NOVEMBERS DOOM reside, all in all, they seem a bit too brash for my taste.

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